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Rose Restorations

Rose Restorations

Celebrating 19 years in the SF/Bay Area

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Welcome to Rose Restorations: Your Curator of Ancestral Memories

I'm Jason Rose, and I offer a personalized photo restoration service in the San Francisco bay area. I work with a range of photo projects, from simple enhancement to complex photo retouching and restoration, as well as special projects such as photo collage. My expertise is drawn not only from 27+ years working with Adobe Photoshop, but also an arts background in illustration and oil painting, which lends itself to a subtle and artistic result rather than a "digital" looking one.

Faded hand-tinted photo portrait, with stains removed and color restored

Harry Belafonte photo, recording session photo - numerous creases removed, contrast improved

Photos can be colorized!

Wide angle photo, severely faded; magenta tint removed and contrast balanced out

Couple's photo: cracks and creases removed; missing areas painted in

Tiny photo: surface damage removed, boy moved to center and background type restored

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Tinted portrait with severe scuffs marks obscuring detail; and portrait details painted in

  • Basic Photo Fixes ~ Contrast and color correction, remove red eye
  • Removal of flaws (stains, folds, rips, cracks, mold, moisture, dust, silvering)
  • Photo Retouching ~ Reconstruction of missing or badly damaged areas
  • Removal of unwanted elements in a photo (objects, as well as people!)
  • Colorization and sepia toning
  • Correction of uneven contrast
  • Other Restorable Mementos: Newspapers, Documents; anything that can be scanned, can be restored!

Recolorization of Severely Faded Newspaper

Click here to see more before and after samples on our portfolio page

My goal is to preserve the integrity of your photos, while enhancing the original spirit of the image. I offer consultations in North Berkeley at my home studio (during the COVID 19 quarantine, I meet clients on the covered porch of my home studio, with masks) or downtown San Francisco, by appointment. I'm also available to meet at your location within the SF/Berkeley/Oakland range for an added $35 fee for pick up + delivery. All restorations include your custom restoration saved as a digital file as well as a print(s) on premium photo paper.

"Thank you so much again for the marvelous work restoring the childhood photo of my brother and me ... You are an artist and your customer service is outstanding." C.C., Oakland, 2/6/2012

Personal note:

I've always been fascinated by history, geneology and photography - I'm also aware of the personal meaning that photographs have for people. A restored photo allows people to see departed loved ones again, ourselves at different stages of life, or ancestors we've never met but feel a connection to. There is a therapeutic aspect to my work in that I am both healing a photo and creating a new possibility for connection with one's past. One reason I love what I do is that every job is a different challenge and calls for a unique solution.

It is an honor to restore your special photos - I look forward to talking with you! Jason Rose
Jason Rose :: 415 265 0877 :: jrphoto@sonic.net

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